6 great online beginner courses on getting started with Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is a great program. It has been used by graphic, digital and user experience designers to create incredible images, ranging from internet memes to Hollywood Blockbusters. Unfortunately, this program is quite complex and can be very intimidating, even when just opening it for the first time. Usually, it takes time to master it, and there is always a lot more to learn.

You don’t have to be a designer or a digital media guru to learn to use the Adobe software. To learn how to use Photoshop, you need to find helpful and relevant resources. It may be difficult to know which resource is best since there are tutorials that may provide incorrect information. Below are X reputable online beginner courses for Photoshop that you can access for free or for very little:

1. The Learning Resources and Tutorials by Adobe


The Adobe site has useful resources to help you learn Adobe Photoshop. This is, in fact, the best place to learn. They are the creators of the software and know it best. Adobe splits its tutorials based on skill level. At the beginner level, you get an overview of the software. At the intermediate level, there are short video tutorials that show you how to use the most common features, for instance, color correction, vector and shape tools, working with layers and levels, masking, and cropping. After learning how to use the common features, you move to project-based tutorials. These help you to begin a project from the beginning to the end.

2. Lynda

lynda is not a free resource, but it is one of the best online beginner courses for Photoshop. It is a wealth of information, with over 290 courses and more than 17,000 video tutorials. Like Adobe, the courses are categorized based on skill level, and the instructors are very clear and easy to follow. If you have a favorite tutor, you can access all their videos.

3. Creative Live


This option uses a different approach to tutorials. They use different tutors. They air free broadcasts which can serve as great online courses for Photoshop. Previously aired broadcasts are available via their catalog. You also get to see the tutor who will be aired in future by checking their calendar. Each show is broadcasted in the evening, giving you a chance to watch it if you missed it during the day. Once a year, the Photoshop Week provides a lot of information about using the software. You can buy the entire Photoshop week collection and watch it at your own pace and time.

4. Udemy


Manfred Werner’s course is the most popular online courses for Photoshop on Udemy. It is a total of 33 hours with 153 lectures. Better still, it goes for only $19, and you will have seamless access.

Another helpful course for beginners on Udemy is getting started with Photoshop CC (Train Simple). It is made up of 23 short lessons, which are less than 9 minutes long. There are around 9500 students and is delivered by an Adobe-authorized provider known as Train Simple. It helps you as a beginner get to understand the Photoshop user interface and common features. Some topics you will cover include, how to configure user preferences, how to use the Marquee, screen modes, the differences between the Mac and Windows versions of Photoshop, and basic tools. There are also other Photoshop numerous courses on the site.

5. Tuts+


This site offers a massive selection of free tutorials. They also offer premium content for a price. Here you access bite-sized lessons on particular specific techniques. Common topics include color correction, typography, and brushes. The tutorial site also offers the basics on courses like digital imaging, topics like image file types and compression, which is useful for every Photoshop beginner.

6. Digital Tutors


This is a 3 faceted free beginner Photoshop course. The entire course is 4.5 hours and equips you with essential skills for basic graphic design, ranging from drawing sketches, using various tools, for instance, custom brushes, as well as correcting and cropping images. The site merged with Pluralsight, the best in IT training. Today, the two giants offer over 3000 courses, 600 expert instructors, and 100,000 video clips. They have a growing presence in 150 countries.

All in All

The above online beginner courses for Photoshop are a great place to start if you want to learn how to best use this great designer software, without wasting time on unproven tutorials that may provide wrong information.


How to Find More Graphic and Web Design Clients


Graphics and web design are becoming more popular today. It is one of the professions that have gradually expanded, due to development in the technological world and the introduction of internet services. There are very many companies that operate such kind of a business, mostly online and are very good at their work. This means that there is stiff competition in this field and for any web and graphics to designer to get more clients there are things that they have to do first. The following are the top five tips on how to get more clients for your business, just to keep you up to the game and ahead of the rest.

1. Marketing.

img8If you are taking web and graphics design as a career, then you need to start by proper marketing of your business. This is the picture that you will give to clients out there who are hunting for such services. Proper marketing does not only concern advertisements but also offering clients’ good services. These services end up advertising your business because other clients that you have offered your services will go ahead and market you. You can also market yourself through social media platforms, use SEO marketing services, networking, and even go on air. Marketing will make you become more established and known to many hence there will be a consistent flow of more clients.

2. Creativity

img13Creativity goes hand in hand with the uniqueness of any design work. Originality will make you have a flow of clients since most people will always love unique designs that are only theirs. This will force you to put in more effort in your work and make sure that you satisfy the client’s needs fully. There are several tutorials on the internet that will provide you with a guideline on how to come up with creative designs, but what is more important is what you are thinking of putting down. It all starts with a passion for your work then creativity will definitely follow. Therefore, you have to come up with a work plan, get an idea of what your client wants then use it as a guideline to creating a unique design, that you have worked on wholeheartedly.

3. Go Online

img10Today the internet is a house that has got all tools within; these tools are most essential items anyone needs to get to other people easily. With the internet you are able to do social networking which allows you to hunt for clients, show them your work and also communicate with them. Keeping in contact with your clients makes you build a good rapport with them hence they will definitely come back for your services and even get you more clients. Being online also has the advantage of visibility, you are able to put your profile online where anybody from all over the world has got access to, this makes you well established and known hence you in a position of getting more clients.

4. Client Referrals

img12Your clients are always your first marketing tools, for this reason, you must always make sure that they are fully satisfied; so that they come back for more of your services. Then they will then go ahead and refer more and more clients to you. This is probably one of the easiest and most convenient methods because it will not cost you and it will also save on time. Designers are therefore advised to keep their clients close in order to get more.

5. Cost Efficiency

img7Even with quality work, always work with a fair price that will prove that the job you have done is worth what they paying for. If clients are satisfied then you will get more. Make sure you do not overcharge or undercharge your clients at because they might need to come back for more services. Always work within a certain range that is fair enough. Money being a unifying factor today makes it a major issue that should top your list and a drive you forward.

In conclusion, finding more graphics and web design clients entirely depends on what you as a graphic and web designer. Your services and previous relationship and work was done will help you get more clients.


Want To Step Outside Of Photoshop For A while? Here Are 4 Programs You Need To Check Out


For the longest time, Adobe Photoshop has been the be all and end all in the world of image editing software. However, over the last few years this paradigm is starting to shift. It’s no longer a Photoshop centric universe, as photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists are beginning to realize that they have other tools at their disposal when it comes to plying their craft.

Here is a list of what we feel are the top 4 image editing programs for 2016.



Maybe this has happened to you; you need a specific sort of image and after spending hours on end looking for it online your finally find it. Your excitement quickly turns to disappointment, however, as you realize that this otherwise ideal image is flawed thanks to a watermark, logo, or some other unwanted text or graphics.

Getting rid of these undesirable elements in other image editing programs can be difficult, time consuming, and even downright impossible. In contrast, InPaint has been specifically designed to make eliminating these eyesores easy and intuitive.

InPaint is not just great for eliminating annoying eyesores from photos and images you’ve sourced online. You can also use InPaint to get rid of tourists, photo bombers, and other uninvited stand ins from your own personal photos. Aside from making eliminating visual elements a snap, InPaint also has really easy to use facial retouching tools; smoothing out blemishes and wrinkles with this program is a lot easier than with other digital photo editors.

Inpixio Maximizer


Another high quality image editor that’s a great choice for the photographer who has little experience in the digital realm but still wants a high quality photo editor is Inpixio Maximizer. As its name would suggest, the focus of Inpixio Maximizer is on being able to zoom in up to 1000% with very little drop in image clarity. For the photographer who simply wants to be able to easily resize and format her photos and can live without all of the other bells and whistles that come with most graphics editing programs, Inpixio Maximizer is worth having a look at.

ON1 Photo 10


If you already have some experience with digital photo and editing, you may have already heard the name “ON1”. For years this company produced different plug-ins for Photoshop. A few years ago the company decided to bundle these different features together in a single app of their own, and their latest version is the best all round photo editing suite that they’ve come out with yet.

Probably the biggest appeal of ON1 Photo 10 is its incredible presets that can then be fine tuned to a high degree of precision. One area where it still lags behind Photoshop, however, is in its manual editing functions. Thus, although ON1 Photo 10 really is a great tool for photographers who want to dump all of their photos into a program where they can then quickly punch them up and enhance them with presets and a few edits, it’s not such a great option for designers and artists who want to be able to move objects around, mash things up and experiment.



If ON1 Photo 10 is a superb editing tool for photographers but has little to offer to design nerds, illustrators, and experimental artists, on the other side of the spectrum there is the raster graphics editor Krita. Krita isn’t the place where you want to go if you’re a photographer looking to touch up your prints. However, if you’re a creative type who loves to spend hours experimenting with different shapes, colors, and textures and you haven’t gotten your hands on Krita yet then you are really missing out.

Krita is best probably best described as a digital painting app. It has 100 amazing brush presets, all of which are incredibly responsive to pressure, release, and other tactile input. It also makes it easy to smudge, cross hatch, spray, chalk, and otherwise manipulate the lines and shapes on the screen in very expressive ways. The results are very “realistic” in the sense that when people who are unfamiliar with Krita are shown a piece that was rendered with the program they find it hard to believe that what they’re seeing is actually a piece of digital art and not a real painting.

Krita has also found a huge fan base among content creators in the web based DIY Anime and Manga scenes. It’s worth taking a gander through social media using the hashtag #krita to see the amazing work that artists using this app are creating across a wide range of genres and styles.

The best thing about krita is that it’s open sourced. It receives all of its funding from a very successful ongoing kickstarter campaign, and new iterations are coming out all the time. The word ‘Krita’ means ‘crayon’ in Swedish.

Health & Wellness

App developers and coders increasing productivity with brain fuel

Nootropic drugs are one of the best supplements for brain which helps to improve the capability of a human being by improving memory power, concentration, attention and intelligence. If you are an app developer working towards a particular goal and you need complete focus, these supplements will definitely help you to achieve your goals within short span of time. Nootropic essentially increases your cognitive ability. Cognitive ability is a skill to understand the matter of fact which completes any task by following several phenomena. Your brain performs several tasks starting from understanding any problem to give output. The way you solve any problem, your IQ level, your memory skills all are part of your cognitive behavior. Nootropic drugs helps to active your brain cells and increase your capabilities. When you eat food your body gets nutrients and vitamins which helps to keep all the organ functional. But in daily busy life sometimes you must be skipping your meals or breakfast when you don’t eat proper food your brain fails to function properly as it doesn’t get required nutrient from your body. Along with your daily diet you can easily take nootropic supplements which will help in several ways to improve your cognitive power. It is considered to be brain fuel and providing nootropic to your body you are helping your body to work in a right way.


This innovative supplement keeps your brain cell and nerve active by supplying proper nutrition so that you can constantly with complete presence of your mind. Nootropic drug is very popular in recent days; you must have the question in your mind how much effective it can be for you but you will be surprised to know that millions of people has got very positive outcome once they started consuming it (2). It has proven that this drug has minimum side effect and does not give you any resultant effect. These are the reasons why it’s becoming more popular:

  • Focused work: nootropic is becoming very popular among working professionals and students. In order to get success, you work hard and take lots of stress and don’t get time to take rest so you don’t get proper sleep which is sufficient for your body. when you don’t get proper sleep you become lethargic and your brain starts working slowly but if you take nootropic then it will fasten the thinking process and you will be able to solve any task or problem at lower time. As it makes your brain work throughout the day you will get peaceful sleep. If you are a hard worker and always try to give your best could be difficult for you to give the same performance every day at work place. But if you take nootropic it will double your energy and you will be energized throughout the day irrespective of hard work you do and every day it will be a fresh opportunity to use your intelligence power and solve the problems in your life.
  • Improved performance: The most important nerve in your nervous system is neurons when you take nootropics your brain starts processing faster hence your activity would be more and response time would be less. It improves the performance of your brains and physical abilities as well. If you are a person who does lot of brainstorming activity every day hopefully this magical drug will help you to push your limits beyond the level and increase your effectiveness without putting much stress at your brain.
  • Motivation: Nootropic helps to keep the proper blood circulation in brains. Sometime you may feel down due to work pressure, but the main reason why you feel down or drowsy is when oxygen level in your body comes down it become difficult to reach in every organ and that’s when you get drowsiness. But nootropic helps to keep the body oxygen level more balanced way so that you don’t get any drowsy feeling. Naturally human beings have a tendency to get tired after doing a certain amount of job no matter whether the job is mental or physical this medicine keeps supplying the required percentage of oxygen along with the necessary elements to your brain cells. Hence you keep your energy level up an always ready to motivate yourself even for more hard work.
  • Aging effect: This is a known fact that capacity of memorizing things decreases as you grow older (3). But nootropic prevents you from any kind of memory loses. Alzheimer’s is a common disease which is generally found in old people. You start losing your memory power but nootropic prevents you from Alzheimer’s. Hence your memory power would be more strong you can easily remember things for longer period of time that will add up lots of benefits in your daily life.
  • No Side effects: if you are taking nootropic for small quantity and for particular time period, then the results you will achieve that would be permanent you will not face any problem as such. Most importantly it is made of natural ingredients which will not be harm full for your body it will provide nutrients to your brain. Though it would be unfair to tell you nootropic has no side effects, but the benefit you will get based on that you can overlook the side effects. Headache is the most seen symptoms that you will get from nootropic. Insomnia is another visible effect of nootropic but it can be avoidable. You should not take nootropic before you go to bed you should maintain proper timing.  For your body sleep and nutrition is most important thing. If your food habit is right it can boost your memory naturally. But if you combine nootropic in your diet it will give you the best results. But it is always advisable before you go for any supplement you should always consult with a health expert who will be the ideal person to understand what your body actually needs.

If you want to keep your memory alive you can take help of nootropics and live your life at the fullest.


Digital Media

Digital media companies boosting revenue by upgrading web hosting


With web hosting having already taken the world by storm, there is much debate and discussion regarding how the technology can be used by different businesses and enterprises, to help them boost revenues and ensure high end support at all times. This is for all sectors of the industry, where web hosting can make a difference. From manufacturing companies to public sector and service industries, the choice of the right web hosting company can help make the major impact for a business when it comes to driving revenue growth.

As per the recent studies and trends, the use of smartly chosen and capable web hosting services can help the media sector drive a growth in their revenue circle with promising results. There are different reasons which are cited to support this intriguing claim.

img5Additional revenue can be ensured and a boost in growth can be contrived through ideal web hosting services in the media sector, since the service can be used to lock in all probable clients of the company. That’s exactly why the top MLMs and other network marketing companies make such an effort to have premium hosting. It also has need for fresh content which the enterprise can help to provide on a regular basis, and it is part of the first crucial step that is required by any organization, media or otherwise, which intends to opt for the benefits of a myriad of different web services.

Experts share that it is a good idea for media organizations to adopt web hosting, as a way of engaging a full strategic partner with all their advertising customers. There are different ways to use web hosting service as a strategic advantage with a non media vendor, if it works ideally with its clients. This review ranks the best web hosting services in the industry.

There are also different means to help media companies ensure a boost in their revenue growth:

Web Hosting Companies Help Employ Some of the Best Practices

The new way that web hosting companies help out their customers, is that they offer solutions with options, instead of having their customers pointing to them about what they need. Consultative advice is given, to help reach an understanding of what clients want and can actually afford to keep on their website.


Many web hosting firms have developed quite effective design elements and various proprietary tools that are fully licensed for use for all their clients. This means that the media customers of these web hosting firms have to pay for their licensing fees along with the hosting services, on a monthly basis. This can be duly connected to more revenue, and the media company is bound to a specific web hosting provider. Any switching to any other web service provider will mean that the license will be cancelled and the media company will have to start over with a new design site again. This means that working with one hosting company will ensure good revenues for a long time.

Help in Building an Effective Media Website as the Very First Step

There is a constant need for SEO maximization on the website, which is aptly translated into a range of promising revenue opportunities for exploration. It has been observed by many experts that the actual investment done to create an effective website, is more or less duly matched with the investment done for additional web hosting services that help to ultimately sustain the efficacy of the site.


Along with web hosting, there is news in the industry about different agencies adopting cloud based security for their needs as well. Recent news details how Dell applied for and got approved for an important government cloud security certification. [1] With security being the main point of concern for all media companies, both web hosting and cloud user customers seek sufficient security options to ensure that their data and particulars are kept safe, which if duly handled, can ensure safeguard of their investment and also lead to a revenue boost in the future.

Freshly Added Content Ensured As a Source of Constant Revenue

Strategically developed content is a strong tool, for any media company, on both off-site and on-site venues. These include newsletters, media outlets specific to the industry and the websites. These become profoundly important when managed with SEO strategies.


When web hosting service providers provide services for content management and development at an attractive, suitable and competitive price along with quality, then there is a high chance for media companies to tap into this opportunity to secure this prospective stream of ideal revenue as well.

A study was conducted related to the possible benefits of offering decentralized access to different articles available on the net. It was concluded that automated methods of updates were a good way of minimizing factual errors in the literature. [2] With a web hosting service taking care of all quality content development and management needs, media companies can be sure of drawing a continuous stream of income and giving their growth a boost that they want.

Web Hosting Helping in Targeting Customers for Media Companies


The web hosting companies which provide SEO services offer expert recommendations as well about the ideal media planning and partners to choose from. Using web analytics, these companies can make a big difference for their customers, helping them target potential customers to drive in revenues.

What We Can Conclude?

An intriguing idea would be if a media company was a web host service provider. The superlative skill set apparent in the media industry, can be used as a key to build content on media sites and attract traffic to drive revenues and take care of their different media clients. Surprising and full of opportunities, the media industry can use web hosting options to surge their revenues and make an impact in their specific media sector. The question is; how many recognize the potential available and grab at it to boost their revenues and drive their growth towards their set targets?

Web hosting has great opportunities to offer. The need is to use updated features to make systems more efficient and more in line with the individual needs and requirements of customers in various sectors.

Health & Wellness

Digital artists are ditching their gym memberships for new workout plan


We know that it can be tough for digital artists to make time to hit the gym. That’s why many are turning to a trendy workout regime that doesn’t require you to even leave your home or office. What’s their secret? It’s called the Abs after 40 workout and we’ve got the run down on why its working so well.

As the body changes, it undergoes natural changes which cannot be curbed but to a certain extent. However, even though you cannot stop some of the changes, you can make some lifestyle changes that can slow or speed up the process [1]. This is where the Abs after 40 workout plan comes into the picture. Made specifically for men who are nearing 40 or have surpassed it the plan details workouts and suitable diet plans that can aid in muscle growth and balance hormone levels in the body.

What happens when the body ages?

The human body is made up of fat, lean tissue, water and bones. When we age, we tend to lose lean tissue and some of our organs start to deteriorate as well. When the muscles start to go we start to atrophy and some of our bones also start to get weaker or become less dense which can lead to osteoporosis.


However, all of this happens internally but what happens externally merits equal concern especially for men who turn 40 years old or are more than 40.  Suddenly, they cannot keep up with the rigorous workout regime that had never let them down in their 30s. They get tired easily and more quickly, their midriff is thicker than ever before and no amount of exercise would diminish it.

The fact of the matter is that fat content starts to increase in men once they hit their 30s. In fact, they have 1/3rd more fat compared to their younger days and most of it accumulates in the middle. Once it starts forming around internal organs, diseases and even organ failure will not be far behind. However, the layer of fat that is underneath the skin reduces, so the excess fat that is internalized is really not doing anything but making us fatter.

Why do middle age men get fatter?

When men become middle aged, this process accelerates and is evident by a thickening waistline. Even though this is avoidable, several factors that come into play at this point in life can make active weight loss very difficult to maintain such as taking care of a family, maintain a nine to five job that leaves little time for the gym, bills and health issues that can result in more fat gain [2].


However, one of the main reasons for weight gain during middle age is slow metabolism. In other words, men burn fewer calories than they consume each day when they reach their 40s which is difficult to burn off. Muscle mass also decreases at this age which has a large hand in slowing down metabolic rate thus preventing weight loss. All of this is caused by a reduction and imbalance in testosterone levels which if left unchecked can lead to massive weight gain once a man reaches his 50s.

The fact is that the leanness of our muscle mass is bound to how much or how little we move. It’s a basic case of supply and demand [3]. Whether a man does a quick walk or a rigorous workout, the muscles require energy which triggers the mitochondria in our body. This turns fat and glucose into adenosine triphosphate which is fuel that our bodies need to keep functioning on a daily basis. If exercise comes to an abrupt end, so does this energy supply leaving us tired and unable to burn as much fat as we used to.

How Abs After 40 Works to Defeat Fat and Build Muscle

img26Abs After 40 is a 90 days long fitness regime and workout plan which leverages a 3 stage designed to aid men who are above 40 or are 40 years old in gaining a lean musculature, core and lose weight according to their physical needs. The workout is targeted to achieve maximum testosterone production and boost energy but in ways that an aging body can handle and maintain.

According to the fitness expert who designed the workout plan, the regime was created specifically for to replace more rigorous plans which are suitable for men in their 20s and 30s. Since most of the regimes are geared towards them, he combined suitable parts which suited his age from a number of them to come up with a workout scheme that can work for 40 year olds. Trying to do those exercise during middle age can result in injuries which can take weeks and months to recover from as well. That’s because at that point, the body is quite fragile and is very different from what it was a decade ago.

The plan also comprises of diet routines which are designed specifically for a more mature man and which do not take more than an hour to complete. Since most men depend on their wives to cook for them, it can be difficult to incorporate the plan, but since it includes regular mentorship and advice, Abs over 40 has been quite effective for a number of men.

The thing is if belly fat is not taken care of at this age, it will just keep on increasing to the point that it causes diseases which can be hard to recover from. Excess fat can also reduce the quality of your life, impact your libido and reduce your stamina prematurely to the point that even daily tasks will seem insurmountable.

However, you do not need to go all out on a workout regime that you used to do during your 20s and 30s. It will not work as well for one thing and it can cause injuries which you cannot afford during this age and time in your life. Abs over 40 is a viable replacement if you want to look ripped at that age, remain active and play with your grandchildren down the line on your own two feet.